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Movie Review and Craft Update

Posted in Uncategorized on November 21, 2009 by DecepticonKnits

I kind of what to see the movie New Moon, and sadly I only want to see it because the first one was so bad.  I found another blogger on wordpress who reviewed the movie and even though I have not seen the movie yet, it sounds like what I would expect(only I plan on seeing more humor in it).  I keep seeing the image at the end of the blog and it always makes me giggle. 🙂


Now an update on the crafts. Ha, craft update on the craft blog.  My mother-in-law asked for practical items for Christmas. So I am working on making her a washcloth, washcloth, washcloth, and washcloth for Christmas.

For my personal knitting I have cast on two socks. One is a “mystery sock” from a group on ravelry.

Tonight comes the  final clue(I think) that will wrap up the foot and toe.  It is made with mosaic knitting, which I find very interesting.

My other sock is the Herringbone Rib Sock from a magazine I have.

I love the colors in this sock!  It is going slower though, due to wanting to keep up with the “mystery sock”, putting up with school/work, and Christmas knitting.  I do have more knit than this of the cuff.  Once I hit 5 inches I plan on starting the heel flap.