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No pics of my other socks yet, but I found some pics on one of my favorite forums showing something I hope to aspire too.

The Sock Drawer


New Year Update

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It has been a few months since I posted so an update since last time with some of my projects.

Finished my mosaic socks:

I have been working on a few other projects that are not sock related in between other socks:

First some mittens made from Debbie Bliss merino yarn that I traded with a friend.  These are so warm!  Amazing!

Next a New Year Good Luck Cowl.  Made from merino and cashmere, it is supers soft and really warm.  It was a nice quick and easy knit as well.

I have a few more socks that are in progress but do not have current photos.  Hopefully I will post them soon.

Currently my main project is a pair of Snape’s Stockings.  I was not liking them much when I reached the gusset.   From my POV the pattern was not showing up well, however, I took a picture and it shows up well from the right angles.  I have now finished the foot portion and am really like it. The whole “now you see me, now you can’t ” angle intrigues me and I think it is very Snape-y.

I plan on putting this sock on hold and cast on the second sock.  I am hoping that having the first one unfinished will motivate me to finish the second right away.  Then, I can finish the toes around the same time frame and have a new pair of socks!