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Another Design idea

Posted in Uncategorized on February 8, 2010 by DecepticonKnits

Sorry if you guys are getting annoyed with the Mass Effect 2 ideas I have been having.  I have yet another one.  A reversible torche hat.  One side with the renagade (the “evil” choice) symbol in red

 and the paragon (the”good” choice) on the other side in blue.  The main color would be black (of course) .

Post 2 in the same weekend!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 6, 2010 by DecepticonKnits

Just a quick not to myself, but sharing.  Was commisioned by my MIL and BIL tonight during seperate conversations.  First, my BIL asked if I could make his wife to be an earflap hat that was green and had two domes on the top for eyes.  For reference of what he is wanting…

My MIL wants me to make 5 cowls for some of her friends at work.  I don’t mind making either request because they give me enough time to make the projects and are willing to compensate me for my work.  The kermit hat will be another design for me since there does not seem to be any pattern out right now.

Requested Update

Posted in Uncategorized on February 6, 2010 by DecepticonKnits

I was informed that I needed to up date my blog so here it is 😛  I want to focus mostly on my crafts, but first I want to apologize if I have been short with anyone or have seemed distant.  I feel distant from just about everything right now, though I am trying to focus energies else where,  I have been having thoughts of mom and home and what all I have missed out on because of her.   It has made me quite rage-y and irritable.

Anyways, an update!

Finished a few things the past weeks.

First a pair of socks:

Next a finished 2-ply handspun

This yarn, I call it Sunfire, is very lofty.  I agree with one of my friends that it needs to be lacey.  She thought shawl, but I think a nice lace scarf would work too.  I may see if I can get it worked into this pattern.

Today I took a sick day and ended up knitting 80% of it.  I am fascinated with a new sock pattern(go figure right). Tada!

Fun! Right!  I have titled them Play at Life socks.  The yarn is from Play at Life Fibers and the colors make me feel childish again (like I am not childish enough already) and full of energy, a very nice choice for a sick day.

Out of all my brooding thoughts I have found a drive to design some items down the road.  On the top of my list is a hat for Brady.  Ever since I made his Trasformers hat he has wanted one with the cobra insignia on it.  So I placed an order, through a friend, for some black and red and hopefully it will be in the works soon.

Also, I have been playing Mass Effect 2 a lot and a few of the characters have inspired me.

I love the pattern on Tali’s outfit.  I think it would look lovely in a colorwork pattern.  I have not decided if it would look best in a sock or armwarmers. (Any other suggestions?)

This is Jack and she is one messed up bitch.  However, her tattoos are awesome.  She is covered in them as far as the designers let us see.  I think some of these would look good in a colorwork pattern too.  But I have also thought about trying to design a twisting cable-ish pattern from her as well.

The last idea I have was born when I was thinking about Brady’s cobra torque.  I could use the basic hat design and add some of the ships insignias that are seen in the game.  The character inspiration is the ships driver, Joker.  He is always wearing a hat, but this game he has the ship model on it.  I can work in that and the Cerberus, the organization you work for now, insignia into it.  It was a good idea (Brady loved it ^_^)

Now I just need to come up with ideas for my two favorite characters, Garrus and Zaeed.

Enough pictures for you? ;-p