Crafts and Cats

Ah, my two favorite things (well, other than my DH).   I have been busy with both recently.

First, I have finished somethings, are half way finished with things, and starting some new things, in my craft world.

As most in my area have discovered, the weather is starting to be bipolar.  Random warm, random cold, some days are right in the middle.  Because of this I have decided to make a pair (maybe two down the road) of fingerless mitts.  I have not had a real moment to use them yet, but playing around in them I have discovered they are very warm, so I can’t wait for a day to really wear them.

As always, I have to have a sock going (okay, I have multiple socks going, but this is a new one!)  This one is inspired by Professor McGonagall, the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts.  I even made it in red to show of her house.  I only have one so far, and I am sad to say that second sock syndrome has kicked in.  However, I have not yet cast-on another pair of socks, and hopefully I won’t until I finish these.

I may not be starting a new pair of socks, but I have started a new project.  I was inspired a bit when a friend came to town and had finished a lovely lace shawl.  I have always been intimidated by lace, yet I spin and purchase lace yarn quite often.  So I finally got the nerve to cast on a real lace project.  It looks great in my handspun that I have been dying to use for quite a while.  I am so worried that I am going to mess up on it that I move my life line after every repeat of 6 rows.  I really want to finish this one because it is so pretty!


And now, CATS!  I have had my cats for about 4 months now.  I’ve taken very few photos of them because they want so much petz that when they do cute things they quickly move out of it and to me to be pet. I have gotten a few though by force and some are just not that great, but I have them.  I have also had to put them out recently and that has had me going kind of crazy too.


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