Yearly update :p

Things in the past year has been really crazy.  In 2011 I moved from WV to VA for my first job out of college.  That was a big change for my husband and I.  We had always been so close to his family, it was difficult to move four hours way from them.  I was happy with that job, although I had a feeling my boss wasn’t as faun of how I worked.  After working there for 8 months he called me into his office to let me know that he didn’t have to funds to keep me working through my contract.  This was a devastating blow to me since I had barely been there and had really hoped for a few years.

Thankfully, I had made a good impression on a collaborator that we were working with.  He had been impressed with my work and had an opening in the lab.  I talked to others in the institute to see how good he was as a long term boss.  I knew from my own experience that he was a nice guy to work for and was very flexible in many areas.  But after the news I had received I was really wanting to find something that I could hopefully be stable in and not have to fear being laid off again.  He has a good track record of keeping his staff for quite a few years if they wish to stay with him and preform the duties expected of them in the lab. There was only one big thing to think about when it came to working for him, he had recently changed jobs himself.  He changed from being a PI in VA to being both a PI and a director of a department in OR.  That meant a move across the country, 2400 miles away from the family that we already hated being away from.

Needless to say, I took that job.  My husband and I were able to stay in the area for a little while longer while I trained to do lipid assays and protein purification for my new position.  We spent the second half of August visiting with family and friends one last time before making the drive across the country.  All we had with us were the boxes and clothes we could fit into our little Honda Fit.  It took us five days to straight shot it from WV to OR.  We didn’t stop much on the way, the route we had was scenic and took us through only two major areas, so sight seeing wasn’t much of an option. We also had the pleasure of getting stomach bugs, twice, while we traveled. 

Once we reached the area, we spent two days trying to find an apartment.  It is a university town, and my position was on campus, so everything close to my job was either full or incredibly expensive. We were blessed to find an apartment outside of town, though.  The rent is low and it is located to biggest local shopping plaza and grocery and gas shops are all very close.  I have to make a 30 minute drive to get to work everyday, but I think it is well worth what we got.  Even the on-site land lord is great and extremely helpful. 

At the moment I am very happy with were God and life have taken me.  My husband and I love the area we have moved to,  I enjoy my job so far, even if it is moving slow at the moment, and we have even found a decent church to attend, which is great because VA had some of the worst churches I have ever been to.  We both really need an active spiritual life again, and we are so happy we have found one.


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