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Dying Day

Posted in Dying on October 23, 2009 by DecepticonKnits

I had a lot of hair dye left over from my hair dying experience.   While rinsing my hair, both when it was getting done and when I just washed it recently it turned the water a brilliant shade of blue and the first thing that came to my mind was “That would make an awesome dye color on yarn!”  So I did a small amount of research and discovered that semi-permanent hair dye has similar properties as henna, which is used as skin art, hair dye, and dying yarn. 🙂  I fired up my dying pot and set to work today to see what would happen.

First I heated water with 15 table spoons of vinegar and allowed my blank sock yarn to soak for 30 minutes.  When that time past I used the smallest spoon on my measuring spoons to get a glob of dye (manic panic is in a gelish form). I then randomly placed the spoon into the yarn allowing areas to soak more dye than others.  I also did a random flick action to get the remaining dye off the spoon.


I let this set for 30 minutes.  My final result was this:


Well that is a bit dull for me, so I emptied the pot of bright blue water(what I was kind of hoping for with the dying process) and filled it back up with clean water and placed my now light blue yarn into the pot.  I dug out my emraled green dye and used an old turkey bastor to insurt dye deep into and on top of the yarn.

GreenadditionTimer set for 45 minutes for this one, though with 20 minutes remaining I decided to lightly squish the yarn with my wooden spoon to move any unabsorbed dye to a new location.

Well to my surprise all of the blue dye bled out of the yarn.  So what I resulted with was a green and white yarn.  There were some large areas of white(too much for me) So I added some more splotches of green dye to the yarn and squished it so it would disperse through. The wet final version of the yarn is this:


Not at all what I was going for today, but I learned a valuable lesson: semi-permanent dyes do not work on yarn.  At least not in they way that I have learned to dye yarn.  At least the Green and White are my school colors :-p