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Productive Saturday

Posted in knit, spinning on October 19, 2009 by DecepticonKnits

Wow, with a title like that I feel like I should have posted Saturday or even Sunday, I must have ran out of steam.

My Saturday was filled with more simple experiments and finished objects (or half finished objects).

First I found one of my older CD spindles that had a very small amount of single wound onto it. I had more of this single wound on a knitting needle to save for the plying process because it had gotten to heavy for the spindle.  Well I was curious to find out if I could use the ply on the fly technique for already made singles, rather than doing a regular Navajo ply which I find to be very fidgety and not very constant in plying. Started with something like this:MedowsNavajoStart

And ended with this:


Lovely, lovely ply.  So this procedure is much nicer than attempting to do a traditional Navajo ply, and this spindle is now ready to do the ply on the fly with the rest of the unused fiber (like 4.5 ounces).

While I was experimenting on that, I like to switch stuff around sometimes so I don’t get board to fast, I was working to complete my Sam Socks:


I also completed my first half of Cross Roads:


This one is a bit snug on my foot.  So on the next sock I want to continue the pattern before starting the toe.  Later on I will rip back on this sock to make it a little longer and more of a comfortable fit.

I also managed to order for four upcoming birthdays and one past birthday.  I am debating on weither or not to add links to what I bought.  I know some read my blogs(when they show up) and others don’t.  Maybe I can mark the links with their names so they can stay away.  I will think on it.

So that was my busy Saturday, followed by a very blah Sunday.  Today I plan on getting my hair dyed some fun color by a friend.  I will hopefully put a pic here when I get it finished.

New Beginnings and New Adventures

Posted in spinning with tags on October 13, 2009 by DecepticonKnits

As the title states, this is a new beginning.  A new blog and a chance to try again in the blogging world.  I want to write about the interesting things that happen or I think about.  Mostly I want to write about my crafts and the new things I learn.  So here goes.

Two saturdays ago I went on a fiber buy, purchasing BFL from four different sellers.

First to arrive was colorway Love LettersLovelettersEtsy

Since this was the first to arrive it is also the first to be spun.  I am going to do my best to wait to finish this one before I begin spinning any of the others.

Second to come was Beelzebub.


Today Sunrise


Now, all that I am waiting on is Countess


So excited!  All of these fibers are beautiful!

My adventures with these fibers starts with Love Letters.  Almost immediately I started spinning it on my ashford spindle.  Right away I was not liking how it was spinning up.  The colors were mixing in a nasty way when I was hoping to get some nice striping of colors.  That’s when I hit my first bit of experimenting.  First I attempted to just pull the fiber out color by color.  Well, some of the fiber strands had more than one color dyed onto it.  So not what I wanted.  The best result that I finally settled on was to tare off the pattern of colors I wanted. Then I tore small strands off along the sides of that piece, keeping the patter colors only in small amounts. Those pieces are pre drafted into almost a pencil roving. This way I keep long lengths of color and it is easy to draft!

Experiment two this weekend was learning how to “ply on the fly” and Navajo ply on my drop spindle.  I attempted the ply on the fly with a sample of merino/silk that the Love Letters seller sent me.  All I can say is that I will probably not be spinning any other way any time soon.  I love the way it twists the yarn and the lovely effects it has.  Here is an image of the merino/silk sample still on my spindle.


Since I loved this so much I wanted to Navajo ply my current Love Letter singles so that I could continue this method with that fiber.  So, thanks to YouTube, I also found a video for Navajo plying on my spindle.  I wound the singles off of the spindle and attempted to ply.  Navajo plying is not as fun as plying on the fly even though it gives you the same result in almost the same way.  I had difficulties keeping pieces evenly spun.  But I did get it all plied. Now I am working to get the fiber completed with the ply on the fly technique.


As romantic as the color way name is, I think I am going to name the yarn “Zombies!”  Why, because it reminds me of a zombie.  The green and black with peach reminds me of rotting flesh and the pink reminds me of brains.  So… Zombies!

Now to work on my Wandia sock some.  I want to try to have it done by the end of the month for my KAL.